Penthouse conference room after we restored the original walnut panel walls and teak floors.
 First application of varnish to the newly restored teak floors of the penthouse.
 Penthouse conference room after we restored the finishes on the paneled walnut walls and original teak floors.
 Rosewood wainscoting condition at the start of restoration. The woodwork was water damaged and dehydrated.
 Detail of restored finish on the rosewood walls of a penthouse level apartment. We applied a traditional shellac and hand-buffed wax finish.
 In-painting small areas of repair to the rosewood veneer. 
After restoration
 Water damaged walnut wainscoting and hand-carved frieze before restoration. 
 Detail of the conserved hand-carved walnut frieze.
 Penthouse common area after we restored the walls and hand-carved walnut door surrounds and decorative frieze.
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